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  • Flying Precision Waterbased Finish


  • 產品說明 Product Info



    Designed to easily remove swirl marks and holograms left by machine compounding. Remove compound marks, insure high gloss.

    Also, provide deep and high gloss finish with an exceptional mirror shine (well seen on dark colors).

    Suitable for special soft paints, works on fresh or cured automotive paint surfaces.

    Used for removal of sanding scratches 2500-3000. Silicone free, no filler.

  • 使用方式 Directions for use



    To be used on special soft paint surfaces. Apply a small amount of Finish to the car surface using a finishing pad.

    Use machine and finishing pad with low speed to spread product, then, start up rotary polisher with light to medium pressure until the sanding scratches are removed or high gloss achieved. Remove residue with a soft microfiber cloth.

    If the pad is new, please spread a small of amount of the product evenly across the pad beforehand.

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