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  • 產品說明 Product Info

    發現許多不為人知的秘密 許多人每天暴露在致癌物質環境中 您應該要知道 一般合成香料和香精包含 100 多個化合物,其中許多物質可能對健康有危害。ATTITUDE有何解決方案?透過活性碳的作用淨化空氣,同時配合天然的植物精油進行分解,提供清新舒適的 環境氛圍,我們相信ATTITUDE NATURAL AIR PURIFIER天然除臭凝膠是比噴灑揮發的的化合產品更好的選擇。
    • 加拿大政府頒發優良產品證書
    • 美國消費者安全委員會(CPSC)安檢
    • 二氧化碳零排放: 不會對氣候變化產生影響
    • 天然、 可生物降解
    • 通過吸附污染源和消除異味淨化空氣
    • 不含的人工香料、 鄰苯二甲酸酯或其他揮發性石化衍生物
    • 純天然植物精油
    • 不含致癌物質 (成分未列國際癌症研究機構類別 1、 2A 或 2B)
    • 素食產品


    People are exposed to carcinogens every day. You should know that synthetic fragrances contain more than 100 compounds, many of which may be hazardous to health. What is the solution for ATTITUDE? Purifying the air through the action of activated carbon, combined with natural plant essential oils to provide a fresh and comfortable environment,
    The Canadian government issues a good product certificate
    Passed US Consumer Safety Commission (CPSC) security
    No carbon dioxide emissions: no impact on climate change
    Natural, biodegradable
    Purify air by absorbing sources of pollution and eliminating odors
    Artificial flavors, phthalates or other volatile petrochemical derivatives not included
    Pure natural plant essential oils
    Free of carcinogens (Ingredients not listed in the International Agency for Research on Cancer, Category 1, 2A or 2B)
    Vegetarian products

  • 成份 Ingredient

    • Water • Activated Carbone • Sodium Stearate • Pure Essential Oils

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