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  • Nano Paint Sealant


  • 產品說明 Product Info

    研發建基在先進光澤理論基礎.創造出如絲綢般的平滑, 高光澤包覆於塗裝表面使您的愛車潔淨無論在任何情況下給予高效能保護. 這配方利用最革新的奈米材料科技能夠創造出超高亮澤性及持久的潑水性兼具優異的抗塵效果。


    It is developed based on advanced optical brightness theory. It creates a silky smooth, high gloss coating on paint surfaces to keep your vehicle clean and protected under any circumstances. Its formulation utilizes the most innovative Nano bonding technology so it lasts longer, repels water and dirt better.

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