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"We insist to do the right things with passion
Q-GLYM does not protect your car with exaggeration
Q-GLYM does not use unrealistic data to deceive customersn"

We insist to do the right things for car detailing with passion. Q-GLYM doesn’t get customers by exaggerations. Instead, we cooperate with a lot companies around the world to provide the latest products. That’s the reason why we are here today.

Q-GLYM started the business from car detailing; we have been cooperating with a number of well-known companies in Europe, America and Japan. Honestly and profession are the principle we stick to that makes us the one of the biggest car   detailing importer. We know the hard part of this industry; therefore, we provide the high quality products with reasonable price. In order to reduce the wrong impression caused by some dealers who use bad product to scrap the barrel, we have committed ourselves to provide the best products and service.

Being honest to our clients and drive for the best reputation has always been the direction that we are moving towards. We provide professional knowledge through our products instead of exaggerate with fancy words.

The companies we have been cooperating with, places over American, Europe and car detailing authority in Japan.


Nowadays, Yi Jeh has become the official distributor of Lake Country Manufacturing Inc. as well as JOY BOND CLAY in Greater China region.

We work with numbers of well-known companies to develop our products.

They send us products which are still in developing phase to test and based on our opinion to adjust and improve it. This is the achievement that we are proud of.

Please refer to the websites

Companies that we have been cooperating with. You are welcome to compare us with the international website.
You will find out they wrap their ordinary product with professional chemical terms and beautiful package that you spend a lot of money to purchase.

For a company which has been focusing on the development of materials and professional skills, we wouldn’t play with the words to promote the products. To a developer, we know all the products are consist of different molecule and the effect comes from the result of its combination and change. Even for car- washing. We would not take an advantage of the customers and raise the price just because they want the best for their car.


Expensive not necessarily mean better. Q-GLYM cooperates with the well-known companies to develop a series of the products that meet your needs instead of compromising the products from the original, we believe the quality and the applicability are the most important things in our products. The application of Nanotechnology is an idea as well as a requirement that we have for the market. The achievement that the technology has made is a further step for the product to increase its ability. The application of this technology is to decrease the cost and increase the efficiency that benefits everyone. It is not the tool for people to raise the price and take advantage of.

Establish the correct concept of car detailing
Elevate the professional of car detailing
Make the detailer full of confident
To have ultimate shine and long-lasting protection
Trust Q-GLYM because we love your car more than you do.

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